Surface Detail by Iain M. Banks

I've been reading a lot of Science Fiction of late, mostly old stuff ( lots of Larry Niven ) but I'm now nearing the end of 'Surface Detail' by Iain M. Banks. I can't think of a novelist who's work I enjoy more than Banks, I've read a large number of his books  and he just keeps knocking them out almost faster than I can read them. 'Surface Detail' is a Culture novel and is concerned with the war over whether Hell should exist. I'm not going to go into a long explanation of that, sufficed to say it's enormous in scope, brilliantly imaginative and often very funny. My favourite character in any book I've read for some time is "Falling Outside the Normal Moral Constraints" a General Offensive Unit (Abominator-class) warship, also called Demeisen. He's gleefully psychotic and hysterically funny. I wish I had written him. I wish I COULD write like that. You can take that as a wholehearted recommendation.


So the offer is open, I have some small amount of free time at the moment and I am looking for commissions to do. I did these last week.

Price is negotiable and I'm open to pretty much anything. It doesn't have to be Dante.