I'm in KickAss!!

So apparently, unbeknown to me, some brightspark set designer has seen
fit to print out a sample piece of art from my website and stick it on
the wall of the KickAss character's bedroom. I know it's from my
website because that piece of art has never been put anywhere else.

Hmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this...it would have been nice to
have been asked.

Oh and Durham Red is copyright Rebellion Developments Ltd.
Any attack Lawyers from there should go after Mark Millar, Jane
Goldman & Mathew Vaughn as I'm pretty sure they got paid for working
on that movie, I on the other hand, haven't even seen it yet.

The rest of this mornings Dinos

In order
Natalie Kim
Tim Hamilton - scarily fast this morning
George O'Connor

Nathan Schreiber hasn't shown yet, but he promised one from the road.
He's appearing at SPX this weekend along with Dean Haspiel, Nick
Abadzis, Chris Sinderson. Give them shout if you're there.